The Basics of Dominoes


When playing dominoes, you’ll find that the first tile you play will be 6-6. Next, you’ll play tiles to the right and left of the six. The second tile you play will be 6-5, and the third will be 4-6. You can also play tiles vertically. The fourth tile you play will be 5-5, and it will make open ends of 4 and 5. The fifth tile will be a 5-5, and so on. This way, you can connect tiles at right angles to the first tile.


The origin of the domino game is obscure. It may have originated in China or the Middle East, but some historians believe it originated in the Far East. Some think it was first played in ancient Rome, while others say that the game was first played in Egypt during the time of Tutankhamen, the 18th dynasty ruler. Either way, the game was brought to China, where it quickly became popular.


Materials for dominoes are countless. The maker community is huge and you can bet someone will make a domino out of an unheard of material! In today’s mass-produced world, dominoes are made from Plastics, Metals, Stone, and Wood, as well as foam, which makes a giant yard version. Although not the main focus of this article, they should be discussed in order to provide some context for the materials used to make dominoes.


The game of dominos originated in the Middle East in the early eighteenth century and quickly spread across Europe and Latin America. Interestingly, it was played by Inuit in the Canadian Arctic, too. In addition to the classic European version, there are several regional variations of the game, including Texas 42 and the Domino Whist. Here are some of the most common variations of domino. Read on to learn more. There are many benefits to playing dominos.


The rules of Domino include counting points and developing a strategy to win. For instance, if there are only two sisters and two zeros, then the winner gets the remaining amount. However, if a player has more chips than the number of free dominos on their hand, he/she wins the game. In the Chinese version of the game, the number of knuckles on the dominos can reach forty.

Variations in Texas

One of the most popular domino games in Texas is 42. The game is played using a double-six domino set. It is called the “national game of Texas” and was invented by two boys from Garner, Texas, who were fed up with the disdain of their Baptist neighbors for playing card games. The game is based on the principles of card games such as spades and bridge, but has its own distinctive rules.

Origin of Chinese dominoes

There are many theories about the origin of Chinese dominoes, though most of them are based on legend. One account states that Chinese players invented dominoes around 1120 CE, and that they were presented to the Chinese Emperor Hui Tsung, who then distributed them around the world. Another account says that they were invented by a nobleman named Kao Tsung, who then had them circulated throughout the country.