How to Beat the House Edge in Blackjack


In blackjack, you can double your bet if you think you have an advantage over the dealer. However, casinos limit this action to two times. Double down is an option that you should not try unless you are completely confident that you can beat the dealer. Double down can increase your winnings, but you should avoid it if you are overconfident.

Basic strategy

When learning blackjack strategy, players should keep two things in mind: reducing the house edge and managing risk. To do this, players should always hit on hard 12 and never take an insurance bet. The amount of money they are willing to risk per session can also be a factor. When determining how much to bet, players should also consider the amount of money they have set aside as a bankroll. This bankroll should be kept separate from their personal expenses, and it should reflect the maximum they can lose without worrying about their financial situation.

Hit versus stand

In blackjack, there are two primary strategies for playing: hit and stand. A player can hit if his or her total is higher than the dealer’s total or stand if his or her hand is below 21. A player should use the best strategy to increase his or her chances of winning the game. However, the decision on whether to hit or stand should be made after considering the odds and current circumstances of the game.


Blackjack insurance is a popular option in casinos. The purpose of the insurance is to cover a player against loss when they have a blackjack. While the idea of blackjack insurance sounds attractive, it is important to understand that it is different than insurance for other games, such as poker.

Splitting aces

Splitting aces is an option in blackjack, and can be extremely advantageous. The idea behind this strategy is to increase your chances of winning when you have two identical aces. In most cases, splitting aces means that you’ll receive a push instead of a loss, although you should remember that this strategy is only good for two-suited decks.

Dealer must hit on soft 17

One of the house’s fixed rules is that the dealer must hit on soft 17 hands. This rule is different from the traditional “must stand on soft 17” rule, which requires the dealer to stand on any hand worth less than 17. It gives the casino more room to improve, and prevents the dealer from busting.

Bonus payouts

Blackjack bonus payouts can be a great way to get free money. You can get them from casino employees or by placing a special bonus bet. The no-wager blackjack bonus is the easiest to cash out. The wagering requirements for this bonus are typically low, less than 10% of the total wagering requirement.