Different Types of Dominoes


To play the game of dominoes, you need a set of tiles. You can choose between Ivory nut, plastic, or wood dominoes. Listed below are some common rules for each type of dominoes. You can also find a guide for playing with plastic dominoes. Listed below are some common strategies for playing dominoes. Listed below are some basic strategies to help you win!

Ivory nut dominoes

Ivory nut dominoes are made of Tagua Nut, a wood that is close-grained and hard, similar to mammal ivory. This material is hard, dense, and ivory-colored. These dominoes are rare and prized for their beauty and luster. However, this material is now being replaced by a less expensive alternative, vegetable ivory. Ivory nut dominoes are made from the nut of six types of palms, including the Tagua nut. The Tagua nut is a wood-like, close-grained nut native to the isthmus connecting Central and South America.

Ivory nut dominoes are legal to sell in the United States, as long as they were made before 1989. Ivory is difficult to date, and vintage sets are difficult to sell if they don’t have proper documentation. Therefore, you should be careful when buying ivory dominoes. You can buy them in local antique stores or online for as little as $3. Ivory nut dominoes are often paired with ebony English tiles.

Wooden dominoes

This set of wood dominoes features a brightly colored design, pips, and a sturdy storage case with a sliding lid. Wooden dominoes are a great choice for indoor or outdoor play. They are available in a variety of colors, and each tile measures approximately five inches by seven inches. Children will love using the colorful pieces to create creative structures. A fun game for all ages, wooden dominoes are great for teaching children spatial skills and patterns, and are ideal for a wide variety of activities.

Wooden dominoes are slightly cheaper than their counterparts. However, wooden domino blocks are too light to form stable constructions. This is especially true for vertical constructions. Wooden dominoes can reach the limits of their stability quickly, so careful planning is required. If you’re looking for a set that’s safe to play with your children, consider the price and durability of wooden dominoes.

Plastic dominoes

The first thing that you should keep in mind before purchasing Plastic dominoes is the weight. Lightweight dominoes are more likely to fall, causing additional risk. Also, their limited color choices are not good for complex projects. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive option, these may be the ones to choose. Here are some of the benefits of Plastic dominoes. Also, you can find them on Amazon.

Maria Lamping of Germany owns a machine that makes plastic dominoes. These dominoes are similar to those seen in television shows such as Domino Day. They are small and weigh 8 grams (0.28 oz). Maria Lamping’s dominoes have been the only source for Plastic dominoes for some time, but they are still used by many large domino teams and individual domino builders.


To find an ivory domino, you should first check the material. Ivory is a dense material, and you should expect it to feel solid and substantial. Look for an ivory domino that has rounded corners. If the corners are sharp, it could be made of a synthetic material. Using a magnifying glass can help you identify the type of ivory domino you’re looking at. A well-lit room can help you identify the type of ivory domino.

Modern commercial domino sets are often made of plastics or composites that have been dyed to give them a similar appearance. A genuine ivory domino will be white under long wave black light. You’ll notice a grain pattern in ivory, similar to that of mammal ivory. You should also notice Schreger lines and grain on genuine elephant ivory. These details make it easy to determine whether an ivory domino is real or fake.